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What People Are Saying About Our Team…

John Kriza and his team at Beiler-Campbell were terrific when I sold my house.  They truly represented ME.  I was kept informed of showings – both before and after – which helped me to “fix” things that buyers didn’t like and get a sense of how my sale was going.  John also helped me figure out some decisions that I needed to make with various offers to make sure I had all of the information I needed to make an intelligent decision – and one that would benefit ME.  I felt supported and that I could trust that THIS team would ensure that I made the best deal I could for this property.  I highly recommend John and his team.  They are ethical, honest, knowledgeable and on top of all that – nice people!

V. Blake, Oxford PA

My wife and I were extremely pleased with the outstanding service John Kriza provided in selling our home.  Among the many things that set John apart was his ability to suggest ideas for preparing our home that were practical, affordable, and actionable within the tight timelines of the unexpected business relocation we were dealing with.  John appreciated that we couldn’t make our home “perfect” under the circumstances and focused on identifying its positive features as opposed to dwelling on potential negatives. He particularly excelled in dealing with the required home repairs, and did his absolute best throughout the entire process to ensure we received a top dollar offer.  In short, he was the perfect choice for our real estate agent and I’d highly recommend him to anyone.

M. Dabertin, formerly of Kennett Square

Very Satisfied!

We chose John Kriza as our realtor because of his extensive credentials. The first time we met, my husband and I knew this was the agent to find our new home. John was with us every step of the way. He even worked for us with our loan officer. He is knowledgable, patient, and professional, yet a lot of fun to search for a home with. We found our forever home within two weeks of meeting John. He was a dual agent representing the seller and buyer (us). John was very fair with both parties and very capably handled any issues or questions from all involved. Just as one has a family doctor, John is our family realtor. We are recommending him to all our friends and family. If we ever need to sell or buy again, we’ll certainly call on John. I don’t think we’ll move again, though, because John did such a great job getting us into this house!

D. Cross

It is rare to find someone today who does their job with excellence, but John Kriza does. John helped us over a nine month period to find the house that suited us. We looked at all kinds of properties in all different conditions, and John, who has a contractor background, explained all the benefits  and negatives (and potential hidden costs) of each. Most importantly, he always just put the facts out and let us decide what we wanted to do and never pushed for any specific decision. His knowledge of the market is excellent, and I watched several homes we chose not to purchase sell at almost exactly the price he thought they would go for. I give John full marks and am glad he was our realtor. We will certainly use him again for our next house.

knorrdbOxford, PA

John is an excellent realtor. He is very knowledgeable about Chester County. We worked with him for over 2 years, he was not pushy and helped us find the perfect home for us and our budget. You can’t get any better realtor than him. I am quick to recommend him to anyone house hunting.

BuyerKennett Square, PA

My wife and I are writing a review of our experience of Beiler-Campbell Realtors agent John Kriza. Background: In our collective experience, we’ve bought and sold homes and have worked before with very impressive agents. But it would be an injustice for us to simply label John Kriza a very  impressive agent. That’s because he is so much more than that. John has the eye of a stickler-esque inspector; the mind of the shrewdest negotiator you can imagine; and the heart of the most caring advocate you could wish for. What’s more, John is as honest as a mirror, and the incentive of a commissioner’s fee bears absolutely ZERO influence on his counsel to us. Rather, we came to believe that John’s DNA is encoded to automatically caution any of his clients on the dangers lurking beneath innocuous and nice-looking homes with masked problems, and a unique and gifted talent to discover dream-home gems before any other agents even hear about them. For example, during our 2-month search for homes with John, we found a number of homes that, on first impression, we liked and were anxious to purchase. But John — using his inspector-like skills — would sniff out structural problems that the owners and the listing agents tried to hide. In the Southeastern Pennsylvania/ northern Delaware region where we searched for a home, it can be a cut-throat and deceiving business in which listing agents and owners attempt to sell you homes that conceal numerous defects. Even buying agents get lulled by the opportunity for a payday to encourage you to “see what the inspector says”, resulting in a $600 fee for a house that may have problems. John’s goal, however, is to protect you from spending any money on an inspector until he knows that you not only will get a safe and beautiful house, but a deal that is so much of a steal that it should be classified as grand larceny. That’s why we were so grateful to have found John. He was the sharp advocate on our behalf, and he protected us from the purchase of a string of potentially problematic houses that, on first glance, looked promising. When we finally found a house that we thought beckoned a great future for us, the inspection was a smooth process and the inspector uncovered only minor problems, many of which John had already pointed out. The house that we now live in is not only a better value than we hoped for, it also is a more magnificent home that we could ever have dreamed of owning. We share this with message with any potential buyer in the greater Pennsylvania and Delaware area so they know that there is: * no greater real estate agent; * no more honest real estate agent; * no sharper real estate agent; * no better negotiator of a a real estate agent; * no more selfless real estate agent; * no agent who will work harder for you; * no agent who will make your home life better than … John Kriza of Beiler Campbell Realtors. The two of us mean this from the bottom of our hearts.

mhratnaHockessin, DE

John was extremely knowledgeable and always provided the right level of guidance to get my home ready for sale and quickly! He made sure I did not needlessly spend money on upgrades that weren’t needed. John listened and made sure that my goals were met and at the price point that I needed to  get the deal done. John was a pleasure to work with, always available for questions and recommendations. I would absolutely recommend him to family and friends!

P. Murphy

We were so grateful to have John as our realtor, he is incredibly knowledgable and helped us to determine what home would be the best fit for us. We’re first time home buyers and he took the time to educate us on what to look for in terms of age of the roof, windows and foundation of the home. Not  only were we impressed by him but my parents were as well, John would take a loop around the house and then immediately head down to the basement to determine how it was before we saw the rest of it. He knew a lot about the area and really helped us to find a neighborhood that fit for us. We will be recommending him to anyone we can and will be using him next time around!

A. Walker

John is professional and respectful. John is very easy to get in contact with and us extremely knowledgeable. This was my first home buying experience and John made it as simple and seamless as possible. John was supportive throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend John!

John is professional and respectful

We have worked with several realtors in recent years (prior home purchase and prior home sale), and John is by far the best! John has a level of professionalism, knowledge, and patience that can’t be matched. After closing on our home, I told John that I have never trusted anyone in a business  transaction more than him! We looked at several homes throughout Chester County and John’s knowledge of the area and market shows. Every house we looked at John told us his thoughts on potential issues and what he felt the home was worth. When we did pull the trigger on our home, John was very patient during the negotiation process and never pressured us to take the deal unless we were comfortable. He gave us options and guidance along the way, but was never pushy. Again, John has a great level of patience and is very easy to work with! John is a very timely communicator and scheduled showings fast. He responds to emails and phone calls within a reasonable amount of time, if not immediately. I don’t recall ever waiting around for long periods of time for John to get back to us. If there were homes we wanted to see, he promptly made the appointments and made time for us. During negotiations, John was even more efficient and we would speak numerous times each day. We had a quick 30 day closing on our home and had a tight schedule of when we could close and move from our temporary housing. John was thorough during closing and not once did we have to track him down to ensure that the process was going smoothly. He did the worrying for us and made sure everything was on track. I wholeheartedly would recommend John to anyone. Thanks again for everything!

B. FoltzLandenberg, PA